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Fancy a change, welcome new adventure, book yourself on an e-bike holiday, perfect for couples or groups of friends who would like to explore the area and enjoy the stunning scenery.

E-Biking (electric mountain biking) Guided Tours…..

E-Bikes are a revolutionary new way to see the landscape on two wheels.  Making biking fun & taking you to places of interest with stunning views, trails & pathways. The bikes are adult size and suitable for all ages.  The guides take you on a memorable journey riding to the level of you and your group. 

New to this type of biking….

Whilst very similar to a conventional bike, the E-Bikes (electric mountain bikes) have the added benefit of an electric motor to aid you on those challenging hills and pathways on any part of your journey.  E-Bikes are user friendly and the motor kicks in when you need it to make your peddling effortless and enjoyable.


The helmets are provided (or bring your own), the clothing you should wear is the same as if you were riding a conventional bike.

The main goal…..

Is for guests to enjoy their stay, relaxing and taking in the superb and unique landscape and what better way than to use an E-Bike. Our tours suits all levels from beginners and upwards.  The routes whilst varied, interesting and fun, taking you to places you may never normally have the opportunity to explore.

Package 1

Based on 4 riders

Package 2

Based on 4 riders

395 Euros per person

Includes 3 nights accommodation

including continental style breakfast

2 Tours on our E-Bikes including

experienced guides, lunch & refreshments.

Each daily tour lasts from 2 hours up to a

maximum of 4 hours.

550 Euros per person

Includes 4 nights accommodation

including continental style breakfast

3 Tours on our E-Bikes including

experienced guides, lunch & refreshments.

Each daily tour lasts from 2 hours up to a

maximum of 4 hours.

We have created above two popular packages for you to choose from, we can also price a package to suit you and your group size, email for more details.

At Hotel Los Sibileys at the foothills of the Andalucian mountains gives you a diverse and interesting landscape to enjoy with our four legged friends.   There are many kilometres of mountain trails, country lanes and dry riverbeds to explore, making it fun and interesting.

Working with a number of local riding schools who specialize in beginner or novice riders to the more experienced and can book one to one lessons with ride outs and organise treks and/or classes that meet your personal requirements.

From the door of Hotel Los Sibileys, there are a multitude of different trails, from novice to the more advance.  Allowing you to discover the beautiful landscapes the area has to offer. 

Alternatively a short car drive will take you the neighboring villages for more diverse trails and points of interest.

Walking routes are un-guided and área maps are made available for you free of charge.

For the more adventurous guests, experience a guided tour on our KTM enduro bikes.  Offering classes for complete beginners or trails for the more experienced enduro riders, taking in the unspoilt Spanish landscape, it’s guarenteed whatever your level you will have an amazing time. 

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